The Traveling Super Scarf


As the 5th maker in the journey, I was excited for Traveling Super Scarf to get to my doorstep. This was a project put on by the Craft Yarn Council to showcase one of the season’s biggest trends in knitwear – the super scarf! I was so honored to be chosen along with Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands, Macy Sheaman of I’m Crazy for Craftin’, Interweave’s Meghan Babin, Jessica Carey of The Hook Nook, and we’ve actually just added two new makers to the journey: Kristy Glass of Kristy Glass Knits and Nicole of Knit Wit Nicole! What is this collaboration all about exactly? Simply put: each of us add a little something to the scarf and then send it along to the next maker.


Most of the makers added crochet/knit additions with various types of Lion Brand or Patons Peak yarn – from crocheted florals and applique’ to lining the scarf with pom poms. We all agreed to keep our design elements neutral.

When I received the super scarf in the mail, I was still so shocked by its size, even after seeing it in pictures with the other makers! You don’t realize how large it is until you pick it up and feel it’s weight.

As far as my design element, I thought it would be interesting to add a non yarn texture, so I went with leather fringe! I had some leftover leather scraps laying around so figured it was time to put it to good use.

This was my work space:

(Thank God for that hard plastic ruler board, my exacto roller blade & Spotify!)

IMG_3300 IMG_3304


A few hundred fringe strips later, I took the super scarf out for my favorite part of the process: stylin’ & shootin’! It was definitely a challenge, but I had fun draping it over me to show off it’s various textures:

(images by Trafecante Photo)

IMG_3329 IMG_3323 IMG_3324 IMG_3339 IMG_3331 IMG_3327

I had a lot of fun with this collaboration. It’s been fun to see everyone’s contributions thus far and I’m so excited to see it get embellished even further! Now – off to Kristy!

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