The Molly Fringe Shawl

When it comes to my style, I’m all about versatility. I’m usually on the go, so having a piece to throw on over any outfit to dress it up, dress it down or keep me warm in the colder seasons is essential. I was super psyched to style and wear my Molly Fringe Shawl, beautifully crocheted by Michele of 144 Stitches, because it achieves this goal for me.

All photos by Jimmy Trafecante-Lamboy of The Jim Blog.jtl_2107-2

I decided to go a bit more edgy with this look, using black as my foundation, layering with a darker flannel shirt to allow this beautiful “Katmai” colored shawl to pop.

jtl_2110-4 jtl_2117-7 jtl_2126-9


If you’re not feeling the triangular look, this fringe shawl also works great if you wrap it around once like a scarf.

jtl_2146-14 It also doesn’t always have to necessarily fall in front of you. Swing this baby to the side and you can still achieve that warmth and movement with a unique twist…and an extra warm shoulder! We played with different ways to style this shawl mid shoot and fell in love with this way.
jtl_2158-17 jtl_2179-20 jtl_2194-22

All photos by Jimmy Trafecante-Lamboy of The Jim Blog.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of knitwear that’s warm, versatile and super cozy, look no further! This shawl is super cute and so comfortable…every time I wear it, I get complimented. I love it even more because it’s handmade. Order your own Molly Fringe Shawl here.

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