Cozy Cowls

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Crocheted Cowls: Addy’s Cozy Cowls

Photographed by Jordan Siegel

A couple years ago in college, I picked up crocheting and knitting. Not only was it relaxing and fun, but I loved the fact that I would end up with a wearable piece after mindlessly crocheting away for hours in my dorm room with my roommates and friends. From a new activity to a hobby, and from a hobby to a small “business” went my crocheting. I couldn’t stop. Quite frankly, and very quickly, it turned into an addiction. Many trips to the yarn shop and many gifted cowls later, a very wise friend advised me to open my own Etsy shop. So I did. And so became the birth of Addy’s Cozy Cowls. Not only did I have a hobby, and now another source of small revenue, but it went right along with my deep interest for cozy fashion. These photos are some examples of my creations for Addy’s Cozy Cowls over the past couple years. Click the “Shop” tab if you want your own!


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