About Me


I’m a busy girl with lots of interests and hobbies, but I do stop to smell the roses. I’m a young filmmaker, visual artist, dancer, foodie, and lover of fashion. When I’m not producing videos or creating content, I’m teaching Zumba, sipping on coffee, scrolling through lifestyle blogs, or searching for new style inspiration. For a long time, I’ve felt the need to have a place where I can organize and share my daily thoughts and diverse interests. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social platforms have been great, but still leave me scattered all over the place, with nowhere to tie it all together.

After lots of thinking and many coffee date discussions later, I realized that my life does in fact have “a theme,” among all of my scattered interests. One thing that has always been important to me is living in the present and learning how to savor moments, among all the chaos. As stated in the beginning, I’m a very busy girl, but I do recognize the importance of slowing down and enjoying life, and for me that translates into living a cozy lifestyle.

And so became the birth of “The Half Full Mug,” a blog centered around the idea of living a cozy life, seeing things as “half full” (as opposed to half empty), and learning how to savor moments. For everyone, this will mean something different, but this blog is here for me to share my ideas, in hopes that you will either share them, or find your own.